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Favorite Image of 2016 - Weekly Top Ten

I cannot believe it is already the beginning of 2017! We had so many incredible submissions this last year, I am in awe of how much talent there is out there. This last week's was the Favorite of 2016, so congratulations to this week's top ten! 

I wanted to a little something extra special, so please check out the giveaway below in addition to the highlights of 2016.

This week's theme is Winter and I am wishing you a wonderful New Year! 

Caroline Kirkhus

jackie jeans actions and tutorials

Chelsie Cannon

light overlays

Ania Kulinski Photography

sky overlays

MG Photography

photoshop actions

Sweet Peas Photography

lightroom presets

Marisa McDonald Photography

black and white actions

Addie Lynn Taylor

sky overlays for photoshop

Holly Long Photography, LLC

photoshop workshops

Bree Friesen Photography

jackie jeans actions and tutorials


I also wanted to do a quick re-cap and share some of the amazing images that were featured this last year, they were just so good. 

Pamela Canedo

photoshop tutorials

Donna Delaney Photography

sky overlays

Penner Portrait Photography

actions for photoshop

Laura Liu

photoshop actions and tutorials


the best photography workshops

Rita K. Wilder Photography

Jennifer Trego Photography

Jacey Verhoef Photography

Lisa J Photography

Savannah Lutrell Photography Wedding & Portrait Photographer

Betsy Davis Photography



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