The Rat Race of Photography -

The Rat Race of Photography

You know it. I know it. I am pretty sure just about all of us have heard it at one point in our lives, however, I am going to say it again. 

We can always use a reminder, right

The photography industry has exploded over the last few years and if you are new to this business or have been at it awhile, this applies to both of you old schoolers and newbies alike.

Stop comparing. 

Sounds pretty easy, doesn't it? And you might even be saying out loud, even at this very second, that you already know this. If you do, than that's awesome, but if you are like me and a good portion of us other folks, there are moments where that struggle sneaks in. 

Social media is a huge platform today and honestly? I love it and at the same time, I kind of hate it too. There are so many trends, so many amazing talents, so many amazing people that run through my facebook ? (insert every other social media platform that I seriously cannot for the life of me keep up with!) and for some reason, all this perfection or "appearance of" sneaks up on me and I feel like I am

just .not .enough. 

This summer has brought about some changes for my family and I, so while I've still been active in both my photography business and my teaching photography part of the business, I have not picked up my camera as much as I usually do in my personal time. I have just needed a bit of a break from it so I can refresh my focus, my creativity, and give myself a little rest as well as focus on my family. 

In this small amount of rest and gathering up some new creativity, I see others in my social media that appear to never need a break and are always on and it has left me questioning my abilities and feeling like I need to keep up with the trends that pass every few days and weeks now. Ridiculous, I know, but I am being completely honest here. Sometimes, that ugly thought of comparison tries to sneak in and weigh me down. 

The thing is.....there is one me and yep, there is one you too. That is just the way it is supposed to be. I'm squashing the thought of not being enough and not being like so and so and that so and so over there too. I am going to embrace who I have been created to be and not focus on what everybody is doing . . . . so there it is.

You with me? :) 






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Love this! So well said. I almost died of a bacterial infection recently and it puts what is important into perspective. It is good to take a break and sometimes if we are stubborn our body forces us to. Your work is amazing!


Great words! Thank you for sharing your personal thoughts and feelings with the rest of us:) you aren’t alone, I find myself having to prioritize and regroup.

Kim V

With you!! Thanks for sharing this. It’s always a good reminder, and good to know I’m not alone in this feeling! :)


All the hugs ~ you are amazing. ?


I needed to hear this! I have been in a rut for weeks, wanting to step away, but fear of being trampled. Nice to know even the greatest have these moments too. Thanks Jackie, always an inspiration!

Katie Ellement

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