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Weekly Top Ten - Backlight

Thank you to everyone who submitted images this last week, they were beyond amazing and inspiring. It definitely makes me long for the summer and more sunshine. Congratulations to the top ten and this week's theme is "Documenting Life". This is a bit broader then portraits as this goes more into the unposed shots.  

Loving Memories Photography

Holly Long Photography

Erin M Harrison Photography

Pamela Canedo

Ania Kulinski Photography

Corrina Nicole Photography

83 Lux Photography

Amanda Harper

Bree Friesen Photography

Lindsey Stuebinger Photography

. . . and I had to include a few more beyond the ten, the images were so good this week. 

MH Photography

Sweetness Photography

Treasured Rose Photography LLC

BubKin Photography

Adam Pace Photography

Malory Larson Photography

Heather Kilgore

Justin Graham

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Can you or anyone give me pointers on how to shoot the night photos with snow? Camera settings?


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