August 08, 2016


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Weekly Top Ten - Black and White

"Sometimes black and white tells a bigger story. . " I love this theme because it takes away all the distractions and focuses on light, shadows, and the subject. Of course, there were an insane amount of beautiful images this week and I narrowed down after taking a good couple hours going through each one.

Next week's theme is open to your weekly favorite and will be including a $50 gift certificate to the shop for the number one spot.  I try to do this at least once a month, so keep posting! 

Congrats to this week's top ten! 

Jennifer Trego Photography

jackie jeans actions and tutorials

Laurie Hederer

black and white presets

Pixel Perfect Photography

black and white tutorials

Bree Friesen Photography

photoshop actions and tutorials

Melissa Butler Photography

photoshop actions

Kayla E. Photography

Lightroom Presets

Tia Renée - The Vintage Wheel Photography

photoshop actions and tutorials

Impressionable Moments Photography

photoshop actions and tutorials

Annmarie Sellers

jackie jeans actions and tutorials

Cassie Wilson Photography, LLC

Artistry begins today! 

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