August 14, 2017


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I think we topped out at the most submissions in a weekly top ten which, of course, made it even more difficult to narrow down. The talent in this group is remarkable and I will say it amazing to see the growth in some of these photographers who have been in this group for a good while now. 

When narrowing down, here are a few things things that we look at . . . connection, emotion, lighting, composition, post processing. . . we do consider popular vote as well into the mix. 

On a quick note, I have to share that I am a huge lover of black and white photography ( one of the reasons why I have a free resource available in teaching how to process a good black and white ) This week's theme is Black and White. Be sure to check out the free resource listed below and congrats to this week's top ten!

Ashley Garrett Photography

jackie jeans actions and tutorials

Holly Long Photography

sky overlays

Pamela Canedo

photoshop actions

Lisa J Photography

light overlays

Bree Friesen Photography

lightroom presets

Jennifer Szynal Photography

free black and white actions

Amber Talbert Photography

light overlays for photoshop

Jacey Verhoef Photography

free black and white presets

Little Loves Photography

jackie jeans actions and tutorials

Katie Denton Photography

film actions for photoshop

and one more as this image received a tremendous amount of likes in the group!

Betsy's Photography

how to composites in photoshop

Perfecting Black and Whites

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