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Weekly Top Ten - Faceless

It is so amazing how much emotion is conveyed in these images and the many that were submitted in the group. We have only done the theme Faceless once before and it was so much fun to see the different perspectives and this time did not disappoint either. I had to bring in help this week to narrow the images down because I think I narrowed them down to like thirty. There were just so many entries and they were all so good. Thanks everyone for participating and congrats to the top ten.

This week's theme is Colorful and a head's up for next week will be BW. 

 Ashley Garrett Photography

jackie jeans actions and tutorials

Cassie Wilson Photography, LLC

jackie jeans actions and tutorials

Little Loves Photography

light overlays

Bree Nord Photography & Events

ightroom presets

Holly Long Photography, LLC

sky overlays

Tonya Bender

black and white presets

Pix From The Stix Photography by Meghan Vermett

photoshop tutorials

Susan Hardy Photography

jackie jeans actions and tutorials

Mg Photography

photography workshops

Glenda Faye Photography

jackie jeans actions and tutorials

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