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Weekly Top Ten - Low Light

Last week's theme was Low Light and it was very cool to see the creativity pour through my feed. I loved the variety and huge congrats to this week's top ten.

This week's theme is Faceless

Elite Photography

lightroom presets

Ania Kulinski Photography

jackie jeans actions and tutorials

Meghan Bearfield

photoshop actions

Ashley Soeder Photography

jackie jeans actions and tutorials

Happy Day Pix

photoshop actions

Blessed Touch Photography

lightroom presets

Timeless Photography by Sara Maddie Holfeld

black and white presets

Adrianna Rasor

presets for lightroom

Penner Portrait Photography

photoshop classes

Kelly Pacic Photography

photoshop classes

Kacy Poore Photography

photoshop actions

 . . . . and with the most popular vote . . . 

Moments by Mancuso

photoshop tutorials

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Loved them. And it gave me some ideas…


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