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Weekly Top Ten - Movement

I was blown away by all the Movement images that were submitted! As usual, it was incredibly hard to narrow down the images. 

What goes into deciding the top ten? Composition, lighting, post processing, and the story that is told in the photograph. We have a team that helps decide each week along with occasionally having guest judges. 

Thank you to all who submitted and congrats to this week's weekly top ten!
(Image above taken by Lorie Royster Photography )

Pam C_Photography

movement photography classes

Daisies and Clovers Photography

photoshop classes tutorials

Lissa Ann Photography

photoshop actions

Skiddlydoo Photography

photoshop actions and overlays

D. Astello Photography

lightroom presets

Diane Welter Images

lightroom presets

GraceHannah Photographylightroom presets

Emily Fodstrom Photography

photoshop actions and overlays

Westyn's Wings Photography

lightroom presets photoshop actions

Storyville Photography

photoshop actions and overlays

This week is open to share your Current Favorite . . .

Carol Graham Photography

lightroom presets

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