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Weekly Top Ten - Sunflare/Lens Flare

(Image above Carol Graham Photography)

I absolutely love a good lens flare and all the images that were submitted last week were so cool and inspiring. I shared some tips on getting lens flare and good backlight that you can see on the blog here if you'd like to check it out. Summer is just around the corner and I am stoked for more opportunities to shoot in the sun. (I live in the PNW, so when the sun comes out, it is a huge deal) 

Congratulations to this week's top ten!

Penner Portrait Photography

sky overlays photoshop tutorials

Westyn's Wings Photography

lens flare photoshop tutorials

Brittany Raynor Photography

photoshop tutorials


photoshop actions tutorials

Catherine Tapper

lightroom tutorials

Ivory Lily Photography

photoshop actions and overlays

Twenty-Three Photography

lightroom presets

The Big Bad Wolf - Photography

photoshop tutorials lens flare

Lori Anderson

photoshop sky overlays tutorials actions

LaFaye Photography

lightroom presets

This week's weekly top ten theme is Movement . . . 

Daisies and Clovers Photography

photoshop actions tutorials

Kelly Goggin Photography

lens flare photoshop tutorials

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Painted Skies & Light Leaks (For Photoshop)

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