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Weekly Top Ten - Winter

I thought Winter was the perfect theme seeing as so many places have been hit with cold weather. The images poured in and as usual, there were so many beautiful images. So if you are stuck inside like I am currently, I am sure you will be inspired by these images and it may even encourage you to go shoot out in the cold!

This week's theme is open to your Weekly Favorite so we can all see what you are currently working on. Also, the following week will be a Self Portrait theme so I wanted to give you a little extra time to work on it.

Congrats to this week's top ten!

Penner Portrait Photography

jackie jeans actions and tutorials

Pamela Canedo

winterize photoshop tutorial

Kallie Jo Photography

lightroom presets

Amber Talbert

sky overlays

83 Lux Photography 

snow overlay

Danielle Amber Photography

free sky overlays

Ashley Soeder Photography

jackie jeans actions and tutorials

 Betsy Davis Photography

the best photoshop actions

Adrianna Rasor

photoshop tutorials

Amy Kristin Photography

winterize photoshop tutorial

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The amount of beauty and warmth in this picture is amazing. It brings a gloomey day to a new meaning . These two are one and the bond cant be broken. You have really captured a true expression of love. Thanks for sharing

Lorna Willbanks

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