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Weekly Top Ten - Yellow

Ok, this may have been the most incredibly difficult time I have had in a long time, narrowing down the weekly top ten. The images were super creative this week and simply stellar. All of the submissions were truly great. Congrats to the top ten this week and thank you to all who suggested new themes too! I will be interweaving them this week and future weeks. 

The current theme is "Faceless" (Show images without the face, get creative with your compositions!) 

With the "Faceless" theme, I will be enticing everyone as the winner will receive  a $50 gift card to the shop. 

Lindsey Stuebinger Photography

photoshop actions and tutorials

Megan Hodge Photography

Captured By Carrie Photography

Dannette Kelbley Photography

Performer Photography

Lisa J Photography

Adrianna Rasor

Tammy Schumacher

Sweet Peas Photography

Joyful Love Photography

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