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Autumn Dream Preset Collection

Autumn Dream Preset Collection

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Lightroom Autumn Presets

Enjoy all the warmth and richness of Autumn! 🍁  Unlock unique, cozy visual vibes that will elevate your photos above the rest. This stunning collection features 10 presets and **7 bonus brushes to take your photos to perfection.

Dare to create something truly special with Autumn Dream Preset Collection! Take your photography to the next level and make your imagery stand out with vibrant colors and vivid details.

This set includes: 

10 Autumn Presets (Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Latte, Pecan Pie, Flannel Fave, Pine Cones, Autumn Leaves, Apple Cider) 

*7 Bonus Brushes (Lensflare/Sunlight, Color Boost, 2 Skin Adjustments, Enhanced Dodge & Burn Brush, Sharpening Details Brush) 

*In ACR, the Bonus Brushes are in 1 XMP file while for Lightroom, there are 7 separate brush files to install. 

Watch Tutorial HERE!

What You Need

These Presets are compatible with :

  • Lightroom Classic CC (up to date)
  • ACR (Adobe Camera Raw)  Adobe CC

(Please note that the Brushes will not install into the cloud version of Lightroom (LR CC) You will need to use the full version of Lightroom CC Classic to install and use.) 

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