Retro Collection -

Retro Collection

Retro Collection

This set of ten Lightroom presets adds that touch of retro that "brings you back" with just one click. The bonus presets listed below can be added with just another click to give an even more creative retro vibe. Be sure to pair your Retro Film like presets with the Vintage Black and Whites (coming soon).

This set includes:  

* 10 Retro Color Presets

* 3 Exposure Corrections (stackable)

* 5 Subtle Film Light Leaks (stackable)

* 8 Film Aging Effects-Dust & Scratches Presets (stackable)

* 2 Film Grain Preset (stackable)

What You Need

These are compatible with :

Lightroom Classic CC (up to date) , Lightroom CC , **Mobile Lightroom CC, and ACR (Adobe Camera Raw)   

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