Camera Basics

Portrait Photography For Beginners and Camera Basics are now combined into one online workshop. Now you can go from total beginner to understanding your DSLR camera, and capturing professional-looking portraits in no time!

Do you have any of the questions?

  • How do you know which camera settings to use?
  • Why are your photos always blurry or out of focus?
  • How do you know which lens to use?
  • Which lighting is best for your portraits?
  • How can I take better more artistic photos that look more professional?

The Camera Basics Video Tutorials and Camera Basics PDF Guide
This self-paced course covers manual settings and the correct process for capturing your best natural light photography photos.

Improve Your Photos Fast!

This is everything I wanted to learn when I was starting out. Instead of wasting time searching, you can quickly learn and begin mastering the concepts that matter most. 
Let me guide you thru my approach to capturing beautiful portraits. I'll make the technical side easy to understand so you can start applying what you learn immediately.

When your S.O.O.C. images ("straight out of the camera") are better, it makes things like actions, overlays, and presets work even better across your photos. If you want to unlock your true potential in post-processing and editing, it all starts with capturing the best image possible. This workshop is essential to making the most of everything that happens after you've captured the photo.

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