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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Being here was absolutely fantastic experience. It was a milestone in polishing my Editing skills. I appreciate Creative aproach and encouraging others to do the same :) Highly recommend!

Michelle Denson
Great Purchase

I love my monthly membership to Jackie Jean. I love the way she explains things, and I like how she walks you through her thought process as well. I have learned so much from Jackie.

Jennifer Hollocks
I've Learned So Much!

I absolutely love Pro Members. The tutorials and your teaching style are easy to follow. Since there is always new content I'm improving every month and my friends are starting to notice! This has become a regular part of my learning and I'm so glad I found your website! Thank you Jackie!!!!!

Stormi Nance
Helped Me Learn A lot

Happy with what I have Purchased Grom you and what I have learned. Thank you so much for sharing your work. My heart is in the deep fine art and creative Photography. My Ponies Are my Most favorite to shoot with Kids. Thanks Again the Pro Member So Worth it.


On this picture I used the eye dropper to even his skin tones, I burned the tree and the metal door to give it more contrast. I use the curves tool that I never have used till Jackie Jeans tutorials showed me the beginning of curves and gave me more understanding. I plan to never use the exposure button go to till now. I also never used the mask feature till Jack Jean, I masked this photo and kept his skin lightened while the other parts dark. Jack Jean took the fear of using masking away and now its the one tool I believe will be my most favorite. Thank you

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