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5 Creative Edits in Lightroom

The majority of my digital photography career, I have done all of my editing in Adobe Photoshop. I somewhat liked Lightroom for the quick and easy editing but as far as getting creative, I have mainly stuck with Photoshop. 

Until recently . . . 

This past year, I dove into Lightroom and have discovered that this program does offer a bit more than I used to believe. Here are a five creative edits that can be done in Lightroom to give you a better feel for what it can do and hopefully inspire you with your editing process in Lightroom.  


Creating Light

Creating light can easily be achieved with the brush tool and radial filter and I stream-lined the process with Light Effects for Lightroom.

    The Look of Film

    I started my photo career with film so there is still this part of me that loves the look of film, with the grain, textures, light leaks and all. It just brings such a nostalgic feeling and I love that I am able to get this look with the presets I use.

    retro film

    film presets for lightroom



    Color Pop

    In the past, I have stuck with editing in Adobe Photoshop for bold colors, but I have finally found a way in Lightroom that works. I still love my Wonder Collection for rich colors in PS, but now when I am batch editing, I use my Colorful presets for that boost of color.


    Black and White

    The range of black and whites that can be done are endless.

    lightroom presets 


    Bokeh Effects

    This fun effect can take a little long to process, but it is definitely worth it. I hope to have some new presets coming to the shop soon.



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