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5 Tips for Using Lightroom Presets Like a Pro

5 Tips for Using Lightroom Presets Like a Pro

Lightroom presets can be a powerful tool for photographers, but using them effectively can require a little bit of practice. Here are five tips for using Lightroom presets like a pro:


  1. Understand the limitations of a preset: One of the biggest mistakes that photographers make when using Lightroom presets is assuming that they can fix everything. While presets can be a great starting point, it's important to understand that adjustments may need to be made running the preset. Presets run "as is" will look differently on different photos as lighting and tones of straight out of camera images vary.
  2. Experiment with different presets: Don't be afraid to try out different presets and see what works best for your photos. You may find that different presets work better for different types of images. You can even use a combination of presets to achieve your desired results. 
  3. Adjust the settings: Once you apply a preset, don't be afraid to fine-tune the settings to better suit your photo. You may find that certain settings need to be adjusted to achieve the desired effect. When I run my own presets, I tend the adjust the Exposure and Contrast as needed, keeping the adjustments to a minimum. You can see how I adjust some presets in Lightroom here. 
  4. Create your own presets: If you can't find a preset that meets your needs, you could try creating your own. This is a great way to create a unique look for your photos and tailor the presets to your specific needs. 
  5. Use presets as a starting point: Finally, remember that presets are meant to be a starting point, not a one-click solution. You can use them to quickly apply consistent edits to your photos, but don't be afraid to make additional adjustments as needed.

    By following these tips, you can use Lightroom presets like a pro and take your photography to the next level. Don't be afraid to experiment and try out different presets – you never know what you might discover!

    Here a few examples of before and afters using presets. 

    Creative Edge Presets 

    Creative Edge Presets

     Color Punch Presets + LR Light Effects

    Colorful Presets


    Want to see "Adjusting Presets" in action? Check out these quick and easy tutorials on using the: 

     You can find more Support Videos on how to use Actions and Presets HERE. 

    (Above: Retro Presets)


    I hope this blog post was helpful! Have questions? Leave a comment below. 

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    Do you have videos using cs6. Lightroom seems the be the biggie but rather not have to buy it being I already have other stuff.


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