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5 Tips on How to Take Better Photos of Your Kids

I don't know about you, but I love learning and hearing how other people approach portrait photography. Every one has a different perspective as well as their own tips and tricks to share which is why I am thrilled to introduce to you, Cassie Wilson Photography

The images she shares of her children are truly remarkable and have a unique style. If you are wanting to take your photos to the next level in child photography, than this is definitely an inspiring post for you.

I am so happy to have Cassie share her tips on how to take better photos of the everyday life.  

Leave Perfection At The Door

Life is messy, no doubt about that, especially when you have little ones who use their jeans as napkins and the walls for a blank art canvas.

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When I started photography, I made it a point to learn all the rules, laws, ins and outs, and made sure to follow every single one.  I’m glad I did because I wouldn’t be the photographer I am today without them, and when I’m doing sessions I tend to follow them as much as possible.  But, when it comes to documenting your everyday life, you need to throw the rule book out.

Take the image below (and above) for example.  Notice the dirty faces, fights, crying it's all real, raw there is nothing fake about it. The tiny imperfections cause this photo to lure viewers in with fascination.  It draws me in, makes me feel what the subject is experiencing at that time.   I’m not saying to let your kids fist fight, but if you happen to be outside and your little ones are having a disagreement, see what happens.   It could make a great moment for the camera. Or if your little one just happens to use the earth as a washcloth, embrace it.

When you start embracing each moment, that's when you can successfully capture all the feelings.

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Painted Skies & Light Leak Overalys


Let Them Explore

Take a step back and let your littles explore.  Trust me, the helicopter mom in me at first was not all about giving them the distance to explore, but over time it has allowed me to have less anxiety.  When I’m outside I shoot with my 70-200mm and most of the time it will be at 200mm because I want my littles to feel free, independent, and walk on the wild side a bit.  Plus, I’ve found that when I’m not right up in their faces, they tend to forget I am there and act as they would normally. 

The other thing I love about stepping back, is that I tend to capture photos where it almost seems like I posed them.  It’s amazing what you can capture when you allow space between you and the subject.

Take a look at the picture of my daughter hugging my parent's dog.  I was sitting in one spot in the driveway waiting for the right moment to start snapping, I look over and see Riley hugging Dozer.  I captured this image in 5 seconds because as soon as she saw me clicking, she got up and ran. I would have never been able to capture this moment if I didn’t allow space between my lens and Riley.  

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Set A Scene

There are plenty of times when my kids just get bored with going outside and exploring.  When this happens I create a little scene, step back, and see how it plays out.

For example, I will incorporate bubbles, paints, paper airplanes, anything that adds some fun to our everyday normal.  Don’t forget that when you give them paints or bubbles to step back and soak up the moment. I love to watch how messy they can get with paints or markers.

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Another great thing to incorporate is food.  My kids love getting special treats like a lollipop or a donut.  I make sure to document their excitement, plus the way they eat these treats always makes for a great photo.

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Do Not Be Afraid To Push the ISO on Your Camera

    For the most part, I bring my camera everywhere I go.  There have been many times where I have pushed my camera's ISO way up.   At first, I was super worried that the image was going to come out noisy and too pixelated.  I started going for it and loved the outcome. So what if the picture is noisy or pixelated, it's a memory captured forever.  

    We love to visit the aquarium and it tends to be very dark in a lot of places.  I will crank my ISO all the way up to 6000 if I have to get the picture. If you want to capture the memory, go for it.  Here’s a little tip about bumping your ISO up. If you are going to bump up your ISO, make sure your SS is at a high number.  For example, the picture of my son below inside of a frog exhibit at the aquarium was shot with a high ISO. I made sure to have my Shutter Speed set at a decent number that way it would  freeze the image and make it less blurry and pixelated. I captured this image using my 24-70mm lens, 5d mark iii camera and my settings where ISO - 4000 SS- 320.

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    Try to Capture a Photo of Something Everyday 

    The thing I love about documentary photography is being able to capture everyday normal and making  those moments something magical. The key to documentary/lifestyle photography is to capture something every day.  

    I set a goal for myself to at least document something every day, even if it is only for 10 minutes.  I am that crazy lady who will bring her camera everywhere, and yes it can get heavy and super annoying, but I am always ready and prepared to capture those precious moments.  There have been too many times I’ve said to myself “damn, I wish I had my camera right now”.  Now, I carry my camera around with no regrets.  Set a goal for yourself.

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    About the Author Hello, my name is Cassie and I’m so excited to be here to share some of my best tips for capturing everyday life with you all.  Just a little about me, I married my best friend that I’ve known since Kindergarten and together we have 3 littles. My son, Buddy who just turned 6 in October and my twin girls, Reagan and Riley who will be 4 in Feb.  About two years ago, I started really focusing on documenting our everyday life. I wanted more than the perfectly posed photo and fake smiles. I wanted genuine, raw, relatable, but still captivating images.

    What's in my camera bag:

    70-200mm lens, 24-70mm lens , 5d mark iii, 64 GB SanDisk Card

    Note: I do not carry a flash or any lighting equipment as I only use natural light.  I edit on a Mac Pro laptop and use both Lightroom and Photoshop.

    FB: https://www.facebook.com/cassiewilsonphotography/

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cassiewilsonphotography/

    Website : www.cassiewilsonphotography.com


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    Amazing photos. Your little ones will have so many memories as they get older. Great article and awesome tips!!!

    Cathy Pearson

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