Free Bubbles Overlay -

Free Bubbles Overlay

Bubble Overlays

Enjoy a bubble overlay for free. Just drag and drop onto your image and erase the unwanted bubbles.

(Free Actions & Bubble Overlay Download )


Bubble Overlay Video Tutorial


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Thank you so much for the bubble overlay! I have been trying for this action for weeks!!! I just couldn’t get it right! Thank you so much!!
I’m gonna go through some of your other stuff as well trying to learn as much as I can!


@LANA Photoshop is the best for actions and overlays. I would recommend either CS6 or Creative Cloud. You can get it here. You can get it from Adobe. In fact for $9.99 a month they keep you up to date with the latest version of Photoshop Creative Cloud and Adobe Lightroom. I use both. Lightroom for large batch processing and Photoshop for more of the creative composite editing, overlays, advanced stuff and some of my favorite actions like the Mini Matte, Wonder Collection, Classic Collection, Imagine Series and Freedom Collection. I definitely would say I use Photoshop more than Lightroom, but if you are a wedding photographer Lightroom is a must.


I love pictures and have always been the photographer with my family and friends but I’m wanting to do more with the photos now that I’m doing more pictures for friends. Whats the best Photoshop program I should use I love all these overlays but do I need a certain program to use them?
Thanks so much for all your help and guidance!




This bubbles were perfect, THANK YOU!!


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