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photoshop sky overlays

You may have figured this out already, but I love post processing. I love spending time in my digital darkroom with the music blasting in my headphones and then getting all sorts of creative. I think of it a bit like painting, just on the computer and with pictures.

I get asked all the time how I overlay skies, so I thought I would share a couple tips with you on how I photoshop a sky as well as offer a couple video tutorials below to further help you achieve a strong image with a sky overlay. 

Photoshop Overlay Tip #1

When overlaying a sky to an image, be sure to watch how the light falls in the image and then choose a sky that compliments the lighting. A daytime image will probably need blue skies rather than an evening sky depending on the direction of the sun. A cloudy, overcast day gives a little more flexibility as you can overlay a blue sky, an evening sky, or a cloudy overlay and it usually looks great. (Just be sure to match up the light and shadows)

 change background sky on picturecloud overlay

Tip #1 Choose a sky that compliments the lighting.

how to photoshop sky overlay

Photoshop Overlay Tip #2

While I will be the first to admit that I LOVE overlaying skies to my images, sometimes they aren't needed. Take this image below as an example. The sky is blown but my eyes are drawn to the subjects. I think that adding a sky here would distract from them rather than adding to the image.

Always ask yourself if adding a sky will improve the image. Will it add to the image to make it stronger?

how to photoshop

Here's another image that had a bit of the sky already just straight out of camera. I didn't want to add anything to it as I felt the image was strong enough on it's own.

shopjeanphotography tutorials

Photoshop Overlay Tip #3

And lastly, it does take some practice so I recommend having some fun with it and pull some images out and give it a go. Check out the videos below to see how I apply them in photoshop. 

Practice, practice, practice!

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Photoshop Video Tutorial Example 1

Here's a short video tutorial as well on applying actions.

How to Photoshop a Sky from Jean Photography on Vimeo.

 Photoshop Video Tutorial Example 2


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Im on the trial with Photoshop from the Adobe Cloud. Will this tutorial work with the photoshop?

Thank you,


Love your work and images. Amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your work, as they are beautiful. I’m a beginner and I love learning from your work, as well.


Thanks so much for the tutorials, although I try my best to shoot gree SOOC but I got yout sky overlays but without you tutorials would’ve had no idea how to add them into a photo. Thanks Thanks!


Can these sky overlays be used in Lightroom?


I have tried this before, but it only works if the subjects are not actually in the sky you are replacing. Otherwise, it looks really, really fake. Yours don’t, however. They look great! How do you do such a good job of selecting just the subjects?


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