How to Install Presets and Brushes into Lightroom -

How to Install Presets and Brushes into Lightroom

Technology is always changing so it is no shocker that if you have updated to the latest version of Lightroom's 2018 CC version, you may have noticed that your presets have been converted to .XMP files. This is great for those who edit in both ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) and Lightroom because now the presets will work with both platforms. 

Installing presets has changed on top of this new update, so be sure to watch this quick video tutorial so you know where to place your .XMP files or your .LRTEMPLATE files (Good news is that you can still load them into lots of versions of Lightroom, it will just convert them to XMP after you install them. 



Have any older version of Lightroom and need help installing? You can go to are Installing Help page here. 


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