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What is Your Photography Style?

Photography is a such a fun journey! It's like diving into a sea of styles, each wave carrying its own uniqueness.

Whether you're all about capturing emotions in a portrait or chasing the perfect sunset shot, your photography style is your visual fingerprint and understanding different styles can help you refine your own or explore new avenues of creativity. 

Portrait Photography

Portraiture is about capturing the essence of a person or group. It focuses on:

  • Expressions
  • Emotions
  • Personalities

Within this style, there are various approaches.


Traditional Portraiture

This style often involves posed shots, carefully composed with attention to lighting and background.


Candid Portraiture

It emphasizes capturing subjects in natural, unposed moments, often revealing more genuine emotions and personalities.


Nature Photography

Nature photography is a genre that holds so much beauty and it offers a wide range of opportunities including wildlife, plants, landscape, and close-ups.  

Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is like poetry with a camera. It's about embracing the vastness or zooming in to reveal the tiniest details of nature's artistry. It often involves chasing the perfect light and composition.


Wide-Angle Landscapes

These shots encompass sweeping views, showcasing the grandeur of nature.


Macro Photography

This style focuses on capturing extreme close-ups, revealing intricate details often overlooked.


Street Photography : Life Unscripted

This style is all about capturing everyday life and society in public places. It's candid and often spontaneous.

Photo by Daria Obymaha

Documentary Style

Capturing raw, unfiltered moments that reflect the reality and essence of a place or culture.

 Photo by Nikita Nikitin


Fine Art Street Photography

This style focuses more on artistic expression, often using creative framing, light, and composition to convey a specific mood or message.

Photo by Sonya Livshits 



Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is about showcasing clothing, accessories, and style in a visually appealing way.


Editorial Fashion

Often seen in magazines, it tells a story or conveys a concept through fashion.

Commercial Fashion

This style is more focused on selling a product, emphasizing the features and aesthetics of the clothing or accessories.


Abstract photography breaks away from the traditional. It focuses on shapes, colors, patterns, and textures.


Experimental Abstract

This style involves pushing the boundaries of traditional photography by experimenting with techniques, such as long exposures, multiple exposures, or intentional camera movement.



Finding Your Style

Discovering your photography style takes time. It's about finding what resonates with you and how you want to communicate through your images.

Keep practicing and experimenting with different techniques and don't be afraid to try various styles. You might discover a passion for something unexpected. The more you shoot, the clearer your style will become.

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