Resizing Photos for Social Media -

Resizing Photos for Social Media

There are many ways to resize your images for the web and social media; however, I want to share one of the ways I maintain the sharpness of my images for social media by using Adobe Photoshop (Creative Cloud). 
1. Open Photo in Adobe Photoshop and in menu, go to Image -> Image Size 
2. Change the Resolution to 72 DPI and width to 1200. (You can adjust the size to your liking) 
3. Next go to Filter -> Sharpen -> Unsharp Mask
4. Unsharp Settings - Amount 200% / Radius 0.2 / Threshold 2
5. Select File -> Export As (or Save for Web) -> Select PNG File
Now you're photo is resized, sharpened, and ready to post! 



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