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Evolve AI Preset Collection

Evolve AI Preset Collection

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Transform your workflow and elevate your images to a polished, professional level with the Evolve AI Preset Collection. Utilizing AI masking technology, this collection empowers you to achieve stunning and flawless results. Take your photography skills to the next level with the Evolve AI Preset Collection and experience a new level of control over your images with the latest AI masking technology. 

Tap into the full potential of your images with this breathtaking collection!

This exclusive collection contains 20 Stunning Color Presets, 10  BONUS Adjustable Brushes followed with 40 AI Adaptive Mask Presets that speed up and polish your work flow. (These masks include Subject, Background, and Sky Adjustments) 

These are compatible for Lightroom Classic 12.5 and up (also ACR).

These are NOT compatible with stand-alone versions of Lightroom (pre-2019) as these are XMP files only.

These are also NOT compatible with the Free Lightroom Mobile App.

This collection WILL work with BOTH RAW/JPEG and on BOTH Mac/PC.




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