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What are Actions and Presets?

What are lightroom presets and photoshop actions?

Have you ever wondered what presets and actions are? Or the difference between them and what they do to your images? Have you ever thought to yourself there has to be a faster and easier way to edit your pictures? 

What Actions Are

Actions are recorded steps in photoshop that once played back on an image, the layers are broken down so they can be adjusted to any image. Sometimes, you can play multiple actions on a single image for different looks. 

What Presets Are

Presets are also recorded steps; however, they are not broken into layers and are ran "as is" in Lightroom. Additional adjustments can be made to a preset after running it.

Actions and Preset Examples

Below are some example of actions and presets being applied in Photoshop CS/CC, Photoshop Elements, and Lightroom to give you a better understanding and to help you apply them to your own work.  

How to Apply Actions in Photoshop CS/CC


How to Apply Actions in Photoshop Elements 11+


How to Apply Presets in Lightroom 4+ (CC)


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Sonia, these are for the computer and not ipone. :)

Amy, you will definitely need photoshop (I recommend adobe photoshop creative cloud) I do have some resources that are specific to Lightroom as well. :)


I’m very interested in purchasing this bundle. But have some questions? Do these presets work on there own? Or do u have to have photoshop? I have light room. And are they comparable w a Mac? Sorry I’m completely new to computers ha and cameras!
Thanks in advance


Hi there are this preset photoshop for the iPhone?


Looking forward to learning

Cheryl Rice

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