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Sky Overlays For Photoshop

Do you want to take your images from good to great? Want to add that special something that makes them stand out? Get Jackie's premium skies and her tutorial will walk you thru how to add and blend them in Photoshop to achieve the next level of creativity in your edits. Your clients will love displaying them on their walls and you'll love being able to deliver beautiful images that will keep your clients coming back for more year after year.

  • 70 High resolution sky overlays for added depth and color 
  • Use to enhance emotion
  • Draw viewers eye to the subject with the right sky
  • Replace an unwanted background with a sky overlay
  • Video tutorials included to learn how to apply, blend & manipulate the skies
  • Includes a moon overlay
  • Download immediately after checkout
  • Compatible with Photoshop Creative Cloud, Photoshop  CS2-6, Elements 7+

Included BonusThree bonus coloring actions for photoshop to add creative and moody tones. 

This sky bundle includes JJeans Sky Overlays, Beautiful Skies, Dreamy Skies, and a new bonus set of Evening Skies

About Our Sky Overlays

These skies have been collected all over, from the west coast to the east coast and everything in between. During 2014 to 2014 Jackie went on the road performing sessions and workshops all over the United States. While she was on the road she collected skies from high in the mountains of Colorado, to down on the beaches of the east, west and gulf coast. These sky overlays can be used in Photoshop to create your own finished art  and replace an unwanted background. Also get the training video tutorials that show you how to replace a sky in Photoshop.

Why buy your skies from Jackie Jean?
  1. You'll get the highest quality skies that blend easily.
  2. You'll get step-by-step training on how to replace a sky in Photoshop.
  3. We are always adding new high quality skies to our collection. Purchase them once from us and you automatically get access to all the new skies we add.
  4. These are not the cheap skies being sold like stock photo art by other sites. These are beautiful premium skies taken by Jackie Jean. A professional photographer with over 15 successful years as a fine art photographer and as an instructor and mentor to other photographers. Jackie has the creative eye for finding the gems that stand out and she has put that same talent to work in selecting these sky overlays for you.

Learn how to replace a sky in photoshop.

How to Replace a Sky Overlay

(from Jackie Jean's Blog)

You may have figured this out already, but I love post processing. I love spending time in my digital darkroom with the music blasting in my headphones and then getting all sorts of creative. I think of it a bit like painting, just on the computer and with pictures.

I get asked all the time how I overlay skies, so I thought I would share a couple tips with you on how I photoshop a sky as well as offer a couple video tutorials below to further help you achieve a strong image with a sky overlay. 

Photoshop Overlay Tip #1

When overlaying a sky to an image, be sure to watch how the light falls in the image and then choose a sky that compliments the lighting. A daytime image will probably need blue skies rather than an evening sky depending on the direction of the sun. A cloudy, overcast day gives a little more flexibility as you can overlay a blue sky, an evening sky, or a cloudy overlay and it usually looks great. (Just be sure to match up the light and shadows) ...click to continue reading--> How to Photoshop a Sky Overlay

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