Lightroom Coffee Collection -

Lightroom Coffee Collection

How Do You Like Your Coffee?

This Coffee Collection consists of thirty plus presets that give the perfect creative touch from rich & bold colors, refined black & whites, to simple and clean edits for subtle film quality. 

This collection includes: 

  • Seven Morning Blend Presets (Rich & Bold Colors)
  • Eight Optional Sweeteners (Tone options to add to Morning Blends)
  • One Optional Extra Shot for Perfection
  • Five Refined Black and Whites

      And for those who would rather opt for tea : 

  • One Vanilla Chai (Summer to Fall Preset)    
  • Nine Hot Teas (Subtle Clean Edits)


This collection is compatible with :

Lightroom Classic CC , Lightroom CC , **Mobile Lightroom CC, and ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) Lightroom 6 (LRTemplate)

**To install these presets into the mobile LR app, you must have an account with Creative Cloud and install into LR CC for the presets to sync to the app.

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