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Lightroom Light Effects Presets

Lightroom Light Effects Presets

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This set of fifteen Lightroom presets adds that touch of golden sunlight to your images with just one click. Be sure to pair your Lightroom Light Effects Presets with the Clean Edit and Matte Presets to complete the look. 

* Five Light Bursts Presets

* Five Clean Edits Presets

* Two Matte Presets

* One Go-To Black and White Preset

* Two Light Bursts for Black and White

What You Need

These are compatible with :

Lightroom Classic CC , Lightroom CC Desktop , and ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) Lightroom 6 (LRTemplate)

**To install these presets into the mobile LR app, you must have an account with Creative Cloud and install into LR CC Desktop for the presets to sync to the mobile app.

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