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The Creative Edge Presets

The Creative Edge Presets

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The Creative Edge is the ultimate workflow for both Photoshop ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) or Lightroom users. This set contains 10 Simple Solutions that give your images a slight enhancement for a clean edit, 5 Exposure Corrections, and includes 25 Creative Edge presets to give your images that creative touch of art. These are one-click edits that are sure to speed up your time editing. 

  • 10 Simple Solution Clean Edits
  • 5 Exposure Correction
  • 21 Creative Color Tones
  • 4 Creative BnW Tones
  • 7 Light Leaks

Compatible with Photoshop Creative Cloud (Adobe Camera Raw Filter) & Lightroom Creative Cloud Classic Desktop, and & Lightroom 6 (LRTemplate)


Photo Credits to JJeanPhotography, Moments Like These by Tiffany

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