Photoshop Overlays

Want sky overlays that can go big. Deliver those big beautiful canvas photos to your clients with confidence. Our HD premium sky overlays are captured by Jackie Jean and hand edited to ensure quality and versatility. All our skies are backed up in your cloud account and come with tutorials with multiple tips and methods for replacing skies and backgrounds in your photos. 

Adventure In Every Sky Overlay Collection

These are real skies we've captured from all across the United States while traveling for sessions and teaching workshops all over. Every sky was captured by Jackie while traveling and doing her thing as a photographer. You can be inspired when you create with these actions knowing there's a story behind each one. 

PS Overlay Types

  • Sunsets - Blue Skies - Cloudy Skies - Stormy Skies - Winter Overlay - Light Rays - Light Leaks - Sun Flare - Haze

FREE Photo Overlays

You can also find some cool free overlay downloads in the blog and when you subscribe to our email list. Moon overlays, star overlays, bubble overlays, and more, so be sure to check out the blog!