Add a Sky in Photoshop -

Add a Sky in Photoshop

How to Add a Sky in Photoshop

Do you ever have trouble blending in your sky overlay with horizon lines and trees? Here is a quick and easy video tutorial on how to add a sky to your image. 

What Is A Sky Overlay?

It is a digital image file of a sky that you can insert and blend into your photo using Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Elements. Sky Overlays are usually JPEG image files. They are not like actions that you install, a sky overlay is a type of overlay layer but you are not limited to just skies. Bubbles, rainbows, clouds, mist, smoke, light leaks, light rays and sun flares are just some of the types of overlays you can use in your creative composite editing.

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Sky from my 2017 Sky Overlay Collection

2017 Sky Overlays Collection

Preset used is from my Creative Edge presets collection

 Creative Edge ACR Presets


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